My 23 birthday (draft shchedule :::weird )

22 Mar 2010

Oke …bloggers..

Today 23 - march -2010 is my my 23 birthday


I just wanna Thanks For Lord who created

me and hold me … Without His Grace .. I’m nothing at all.

Also to my family … who love me most :D … I miss U all

To all of my bestfriend and my friend … who makes my day became wonderful everyday ….

Especially to my bos velly : for approve my cuti ha ha ha

Ehm I will never forgot for my lovely “can” :D … when you happened in my life … I feel excited :D

By the way for all of you who want give me birthday gift … this my wish list :D

1. I have crazy about ipod shuffled and the speakers :D .. yes the price is not too expensive but … it’s different I got it
for free :D

apple-ipod-shuffle-4-gb-silver-3rd-generation speakers

2. I wanna have friends as many as I can he he he :D

3. If you read this please pray for me and comment in my blog :D

4. xxxxx (will be rewrite after I got it)

5. xxxxx (will be rewrite after I got it)

6. xxxxx (will be rewrite after I got it)

7. xxxxx (will be rewrite after I got it)

8. xxxxx (will be rewrite after I got it)

9. xxxxx (will be rewrite after I got it)

10. xxxxx (will be rewrite after I got it)

11. I got scholarship 2 year from now :D

ehm …. what I will do one day full

00.00 AM - 01.00 AM : I hope I can wake up and playing the guitars …. giving thanks for My Lord

01.01 AM - 07.00 AM : sleep :D

07.00 AM - 12.00 AM : Go to soe place that I can’t write here :D

00.01 PM - 01.00 PM : of course I would have a weird lunch with nobody’s

01.01 PM - 03.00 PM : XXXXXXX

03.01 PM - 05.00 PM : otw to someplace where I meet with “can”

05.01 PM - 11.00 PM : spend time with can .. I hope … It Will be a very very very best gift :D

11.01 PM - 12.00 PM : good night my friend … I wanna go to sleep then :D zzzZZZ .. zzzZZZZ … zZzzZZzz

oke just pray and wish me luck My Friend ….

Thanks and don’t forget wish me happy birthday tomorrow … write your comment here :D

And if you want send me the wish list stuff

send to :

oculy silaban
PT simian
Jln cikoko barat 3 no 15 RT 03 / RW 05
DKI JAKrta, Jakarta 13460

wkkk NGAREP . COM :D




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